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    Renske van Raaphorst

    Almost four years ago I started my PhD project with Jan-Willem in Groningen (the Netherlands), the same city where I did my bachelor and master in molecular biology. I knew Jan-Willem and the Molecular Genetics group through the iGEM competition, where our team won the large biobrick in Boston in 2012! After a short detour as an intern in the lab of Gurol Suel in San Diego I came back to Groningen to start my PhD, and until now I’ve been having a really good time trying to figure out how the pneumococcal chromosome, replication machinery and divisome are working together to make cell division work smoothly. I like trying out new microscopy techniques, staring at large datasets on the computer and am especially happy if I manage to make something visible and understandable from something as small as a 1 by 1 micrometer bacterium. When I’m not in the lab, I like to make music, knit and explore the mountains around our new home in Lausanne.

    renskevanraaphorst fru@it Twitter LinkedIn PubMed Orcid