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    Jelle Slager

    I started my PhD research in 2011 with Jan-Willem when he was still in Groningen. And while the lab, with most of its inhabitants, moved to Switzerland, I stayed in Groningen to finish writing my thesis and tie together all the loose ends that somehow emerged over the last 6 years. I am a big fan of data, not so much of complex experiments to obtain them. I spend a lot of time working with sequencing data (Illumina and PacBio; RNA-Seq / DNA-Seq / ChIP-Seq / Tn-Seq) and employ these data sets to obtain a complete overview of the pneumococcal genome: the genome sequence and the transcriptome, and the flexibility of both.

    A second, related interest of mine is the role of chromosomal gene order and genomic organization in the regulation of a variety of cellular functions. More specifically, I worked on pneumococcal competence and showed how this stress response system makes use of gene location to activate itself in response to certain classes of antibiotics.

    jelle.slager fru@it Twitter LinkedIn